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America's Next Top Tranny Season 04 Dvd Cover

America's Next Top Tranny Season 04

  • Updated 2013-09-04
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Model Astrid Shay shows up at ANTT's set all the way from WI. Apparently, they make more than cheese out there. This is one chick. She's all biz and gets down to it right away. Something about the flash bulbs going off made Astrid's tranny balls boil. She goes down on our cam guy quicker than you can "Say Cheese"! Reaching down for some pussy, Steven finds a fat tranny cock, and he shows her what it takes to become America's Next Top Tranny... His fat cock in her Ass! Los Angeles native Olivia Love wants to be in the competition, but there's only one problem... She's Deaf and Dumb and only knows one way to ask...Sucking and fucking the camera guy. So she does! She gets the fuck of her life and takes a big load of cum to prove she wants in, and wants to win! ANTT's crew head to Las Vegas where we find Ariel Everetts, Hot and Goth! New camera guy Matt is an impatient prick who gets a bit lippy with the make-up artist because she's slow. What he doesn't know is Ariel is a tranny, one who fucks guys and girls. She bends Matt over and gives him a cock injection. Our make-up girl walks on the set to find them fucking, gets so hot she joins the party! Watch this hot Milf ride tranny cock for the first time and Squirt buckets doing it! The pride of San Diego has to be Jesse. Hot blonde, beautiful tits, and whoa... 10 inches of hard curved She-cock. During a photoset Jesse figures out that she loves being watched, and can't stop touching herself. Who can blame her? With a cock like that I'd never leave the house! She strokes it to a hot orgasm and doesn't waste one single drop! You pick, who will be America's Next Top Tranny?

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